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La productivité revisitÉe - Redifined productivity

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FROM 2350€HT. per day of shooting



Contents :​

- Product video (1min to 1min 30 seconds)

- Custom story board writing

- Voice-over integration (male/female)

- Turning, assembly and calibration

- Pictures extracted from the video (5 copies)

- Animated introduction and music

- Banner and logo integration

- Actor (male/female)

IdEAL E-COMMERCE, Import-Export, GRANDE DISTRIBUTION and social networks.

2350 € HT

Our goal: 2 products per day

- Video shooting type "demo staging"

- Custom story board writing

This pack includes :

- FTB set and its 4 sets (living room, workshop, kitchen, bathroom)

- A dedicated team including a stage manager, a cameraman, an actor and an editor

-Reel shots, exteriors 

Optional : 

- Musical incorporation with rights (50€ HT/ piece)

- Creation of  graphical charter (50€ HT/ video)

- Animated introduction (100€ HT / introduction)

- Aerial shots (250€ HT/ product)

-Voice off recorded on studio (on demand) 

-Tailored musical composition (on demand) 

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